North Carolina Mandatory Update CE Training

Special Deals for Home inspectors

What is it?

In recognition of Home Inspectors across North Carolina this is our way of showing support for home inspection professionals. 

This is our way of giving back to the NC Inspector Community.

What will I get?

Watch for special offers and deals throughout the month of June

Plus you’ll get comradery and the opportunity to connect with other professionals.

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June is Home Inspector Appreciation Month – Watch for 2023 updates.

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North Carolina Home inspector training
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Update Training?

Each year the NC Home Inspector Licensure Board selects a topic for the update course. They oversee the course development and make sure it’s available to all NC licensed home inspectors through approved training sponsors.

Do I have to take the Update Course?

Yes, if you intend to renew your license you must take the update course.

How does this differ from mandatory training?

Sometimes the update course is referred to as the mandatory training or mandatory update training.  There is only one course and it is same wether it’s called update or mandatory training. 

Does the course differ with the training provider?

The course content is provided by the NCHILB and the same content is used by all training providers.  All approved sponsors must trained by the course developer and meet the requirement of the NCHLIB to become an update training sponsor and instructor. As with anything there will be differences in individual teaching styles but the content is the same. 

Lunch, Snacks, Num Num?

Yes, we’ll have some tasty treats from Firehouse Subs so come early and grab a bite. Coffee, water, cold drinks will be provided.

During the training we’ll take several breaks to recharge, socialize and grab a snack. 

Feel free to bring your own snacks and refreshments if you desire.

Handicap accesible?

Absolutely. Our Franklin St. entrance has an elevator that makes reaching the second floor easy and convenient. If you need help or require additional accessibility needs, please let us know. We’re happy to help.