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Pre-Licensing Classes 

Pre-licensing classes are designed for those who are working towards becoming a licensed home inspector. Casa pre-licensing classes are specifically designed for prospective home inspectors in North Carolina. Because home inspectors in North Carolina are governed by a set of Standards of Practice, it is important that your training prepares you to pass the state exam, which includes Standards of Practice questions.

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Complete 200

In order to sit for the Home Inspector exam in North Carolina, you must complete 200 hours of pre-licensing training. 120 hours of coursework plus 80 hours of field training. We are working on a brand new approach to how you meet these requirements. An approach that is convenient, simple, and efficient. 

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Exam Ace

The Casa Exam Ace course is designed to prep you for the North Carolina Home Inspector Exam. We’ve designed this course specifically for North Carolina. You’ll be prepped to confidently tackle the exam including the Standards of Practice questions, which often trip students up who don’t take an NC-specific pre-licensing program.

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