Sewer Camera Training

This Sewer Camera Training course will prepare you to operate, incorporate and sell sewer scope services as part of your home inspection business. Adding this service will help protect your client’s investment while growing your business. You will increase your fee per inspection and set your business apart from the pack.

October 18, 2024 - Charlotte, NC

NC Board Approved CE Course

What is a Sewer Line Inspection?

A sewer line inspection is a visual inspection of the sewer line servicing a property. Scoping (sending a camera down the sewer pipe) is the typical way these inspections are conducted. Sewer line inspections are important because sewer line issues can create serious property damage and create major expense for your client in the future. 

Common issues include: 

This Course Covers...

Other questions that will be addressed: What to do when the clean-out cap can’t be removed? What if there are no clean-outs? How do you access the sewer from the roof stack vent or the toilet? How do you get over an offset in the pipe? 

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But Wait There's More!

We’ve added a special session that will teach you how to effectively market this service to real estate agents. We’ll share tried and true tips on how to promote and sell this service.  You will lean how to impress real estate agents, get referrals and increase sales!

To help you launch your new service each attendee will receive a professional power point presentation created just for real estate office presentations.  Hit the ground running!

A bonus hand-on session will complement the classroom training. Watch and learn how to use a sewer scope in-person.  Tell me and I might understand show me and I will!

Meet Your Instructor

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Istvan Zsako

Istvan Zsako is the owner of a multi-inspector home inspection business in New Mexico, and enjoys helping other business owners create sustainable businesses. Istvan is husband, author, speaker, business consultant, multi-business owner and trainer for home inspectors and realtors. He is also a licensed commercial and residential contractor in the state of New Mexico that has performed over 20 years of new construction, home maintenance and remodeling for his clients. He is a Certified Residential Thermographer, Certified ASHI Home Inspector, and Certified Professional Inspector.

Who Should Take this Course?

Inspectors who want to grow their business expand their services and make more money per inpection.

Inspectors who want to help their clients better understand the property they're buying.

Inspectors who want to expand their knowledge and skills and set their business apart from the comptetition.

$150 off!

Direct Savings Passed to YOU!

Along with fantastic continuing education, class attendees will also receive $150 off a camera purchased through What a deal!

Class Times

October 18, 2024


Charlotte, NC


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Cancelation Policy

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What about COVID?

We recommend you follow safe practices when it comes to your health and those around you.  There is always a risk when conducting in-person meetings and interacting with others.  If this presents a concern then you should take precautions and practice social distancing when possible. 


If you would like to stay overnight, there are multiple options for accommodations 

Due to the local nature of our attendees and the smaller size of our classes, we usually don’t meet the hotel requirements for special rates and therefore we don’t block rooms. 

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