Complete 200 Bundle

We’ve bundled the 120 hours of required coursework + the 80 hours of required field training in one simple program to help you save time and money. Our Complete 200 bundle provides prospective North Carolina Home Inspectors with the required training to sit for the licensing exam.


Field Training

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InterNACHI Partner School

120 + 80 = Complete 200 Bundle

Our Complete 200 Bundle provides you access to an on-line approved 120 hour course that you can complete at your own pace from any location with an internet connection. Add to that the 80 hours of field training to complete the 200 bundle.

We’ve partnered with InterNACHI to offer the entire 120 hours of coursework completely online. 

Our Complete 200 training courses are approved by the NC Home Inspector Licensure Board. NCHILB Sponsor HS70 & HS140- Courses PLC14  & PLF39

The Complete 200 Bundle is convenient, self-paced, comprehensive, and a great value.  Plus, you’ll also have access to our staff who can help answer questions and offer greater insight as you complete the coursework.

Once you’ve registered we’ll get you set up and on the way to becoming a licensed NC home inspector at your own pace through our bundled all in one convenient program.   

* Please make sure to visit the NCHILB website and review the application & background requirements prior to starting your training.

Field Training

Once you’ve completed your coursework, it’s time to start putting that knowledge to work in the field. This portion of the training is often the most fun and educational. 

With Casa, you’ll spend some time with our mock-ups getting hands-on experience with common equipment you’ll find in the field. You’ll also inspect real properties along side one of our experienced instructors. 

We’ll cover everything from how to interact with clients and agents, to finalizing your reports for delivery. 

Our field training has been designed with your busy schedule in mind. That’s why our field training takes place on the weekends only. 

If you’ve already completed your 120 hours through a different training provider but still need to complete your field training. Don’t worry, we have a field training only option that allows you to access only the field training component needed to complete your pre-licensing requirements.  We even offer a convenient payment options

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Exam Ace

Exam Ace is our North Carolina Home Inspector Exam prep course. This course is a one-day crash course designed to prepare you to ace the home inspector exam. Our content is North Carolina specific, covering topics that only pertain to NC. NC specific topics usually trip students up who didn’t complete a training program tailored to North Carolina.

This course is optional for Complete 200 trainees, but highly recommended. You may learn more about this course at the button below.